DJ Dale Allen


Serving Pittsburgh & the surrounding areas with quality DJ/EmCee services for years! Fully Insured. for open dates. Contact me for information on booking details

A Message Regarding CODVD-19:

Several of my wedding receptions have backed out due to the coronoavirus. With the Pittsburgh area turning to code GREEN, that means fair game for receptions un der 250 people! 

If you have a reception in June & July – or later – & still looking for a quality, classic nonsensical DJ, contact me & we’ll go from there. 

I have many dates open due to cancellations, please email me at:

If you have been forced to move your special day to next year & lost your entertainment, please contact me & we’ll get something going!

I am honest, dedicated and never overpriced.


Hi there!

Planning a wedding?  Then you know it’s the biggest day of your life. Don’t leave the DJ/EmmCee duties to just anyone. Make sure you hire a professional. Someone who has done this over and over again — for over 25 years.

I’m Dale Allen. I want to be your entertainment for your wedding reception. I DJ Weddings on the weekends -and- during the week, you can hear me on WJPA FM, 95.3.

I have a wide knowledge of all genres of music. From Classical to Classic Rock. I have also been in the radio industry since 1991. I have a strong commanding voice and can keep a dance floor packed all the way up until it’s time to go home.

I truly enjoy interacting with your guests and of course, you.

I have a weird knack for ‘reading’ a dance floor and get people up out of their chairs, dancing and enjoying themselves.

However: You will not see me wearing funny hats, using props or drawing attention away from the Bride & Groom and the guests. The center of attention should ALWAYS be the Newlyweds … Certainly not the DJ. Have you ever been to a wedding where the DJ constantly blabs over —  or in-between EVERY song? 

Props are great for a birthday party, anniversary party and the like, but NOT for a formal, regal Wedding Reception. I’m all about doing all of the announcements, playing the music and simply stepping into the back round and watch the fun unfold on the dance floor.

My music library is constantly under construction. Always adding new music. I can always download on the spot with WiFi, so I am never without a song.

I am all digital and use top-notch professional equipment. Stuff you won’t find in the consumer realm. This is all professional equipment. Wireless mics, LED lighting, new top of the line Mackie Thumps and a facade so nobody sees any unsightly wires and such.

I arrive hours ahead of time to set things up perfectly, so it looks good and sounds better!

Shoot me an email here and we can begin.

In the FM studio for a photo shoot.

Observer-Reporter Article, 2018

In the FM Control Room. (No I won’t dress like this for your wedding ..)